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Landofcoder POS Solution Standard is a point of sales solution that offers customers a variety of features from dealing with payments, printing receipts to control your online business. Finding the right POS system for your store seems challenging, but when choosing Standard POS, you can speedily run your business in a secure system.

Try it and experience the complete control of your store from an omnichannel POS system!

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POS Solution Standard features essential functionality that simplifies your daily operations and increases your business growth and sales.
Standard POS will cover several features as follows:


  • Magento 2 POS System Core: This feature supports users in omnichannel inventory management. It can auto-sync your order information with the inventory in your eCommerce websites.

✓ The admin can take complete control of orders and products in an omnichannel retail software.

✓ Shoppers are likely to change various currencies into your base currency.

✓ The analysis features allow you to monitor your store’s performance.


  • Offline Sync: Magento 2 Offline sync keeps all data and information without an Internet connection.

✓ Its friendly user interface will automatically sync all order and product information.

✓ The product will be auto-synced even when you come back to the main page.


  • Cash Checkout: Besides electronic payments, cash is still a popular form of payment, especially in retail stores. POS Solution Standard streamlines the whole cash checkout that gives you a memorable shopping experience.


  • Barcode Scanner: Barcode Scanner is a must-have POS hardware for your small retail business. It facilitates the whole checkout process and improves your daily operations.

✓ You don’t need to change product prices instead of manual retag.

✓ This feature updates inventory in real-time and reorders points speedily.

✓ The wireless capacities enable users to scan products even in offline mode.


  • Multiple Cart Checkout: With Magento 2 Multiple Cart Checkout, customers find no trouble in checking out multiple carts at one time. Shoppers can buy products from multiple channels at various locations.

✓ You can set up orders from different locations, thus keeping less inventory.

✓ Customers can sell products out of stock with Multiple Cart Checkout.

✓ Staff can up-sell and cross-sell products directly to customers and increase revenue.


  • Orders History: This functionality helps users in simple order management in both retail stores and online websites. Orders History offers customers the smart interface and a detailed list of items.

✓ Shoppers can make notes and comments on every product.

✓ Admin can refund or delay orders when needed.

✓ The feature offers customers an order invoice after checkout.


  • M2 POS Barcode Inventory: This POS Standard add-on lets shoppers select orders by scanning barcodes and make the purchase.

✓ Staff can easily make barcodes for particular products.

✓ Admin can check barcodes to control products and items.

✓ The salesperson can easily copy infinite barcodes for any order in PDF files.


  • M2 POS Custom Receipt – print receipt: Users can freely create and customize sales receipts. You can add logos, custom header and footer, and more.

✓ Admin can make various layouts of print receipts.

✓ It’s free to change default labels from the discount, tax to the cashier.

✓ Admin can make a particular receipt for every outlet and store.

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