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The U.S. retail industry is projected to increasingly rise to more than $3.8 trillion in 2019, according to the statistics from the National Retail Federation. For more efficient operation, your businesses should apply appropriate retail POS software.

Retail POS system will help to improve business productivity by performing multi- functional tasks. The best retail point of sales system will analyze sales figures, bring customer sales experience and manage your business staff. 

Understanding the demands for retail POS system, many companies offer effective POS system for retail. Every retail POS software has its own features, benefits and drawbacks. 

But the question is, of all retail POS systems, what is the best retail POS software for your company? 

With the aim of helping you to choosing the suitable retail POS system, we highly recommend you Top 9+ Best Retail POS Software in 2020. The list is a collection based on various criteria including trustworthy supplier, price, rating, feature and version compatibility.

What is Retail POS Software?

POS software is a system that brick and mortar retailers apply to conduct sales process. It is much more than a cash register. A modern retail POS software also includes iPad, desktop or computer that cashiers can input product’s names, track the cost, redeem gift cards and make transactions. 

Most POS software for retail will cooperate with inventory system to keep the balance between the sales and the inventories. The widespread development of technology makes companies turn to cloud based POS retail software instead of traditional POS solutions.

Definition of retail POS software

Why Use Retail POS Software?

Obviously, retail POS software is a useful tool to make goods payment faster. It simplifies the process of selling in retail industry. However, retail POS software also brings more benefits for retailers.

Here are several advantages of retail POS software:

  • Track inventory through multichannels: 

Retail POS system allows customers to check items in stocks in various locations. You can know how many goods are in stock, how the speed of an item’s order and what to order. Thus, you can keep track of the goods availability in every store and outlet. 

  • Enhance customer experience

Retail POS system operates to bring customer the most comfort and satisfaction. Staff can explore products your customers are finding in a fast speed. It also keeps a list of customer visits, goods bought and frequency. So, you can identify your potential customers to send loyalty promotions and rewards. 

  • Quarantine customer data

Retail point of sales system works to keep customer data safe and secure. All customer information will be stored in the Cloud instead of computer system. So, you don’t need to worry about any risk or loss of customer data. 

  • Create sales reports automatically

Retail POS software lets companies create complete reports about the sales process. A sales report may include the quantity of sold items, hot products, revenue and so on. With retail POS software, you can get rid of sudden errors when entering sales dates manually.

  • Facilitate the process of goods return

Advanced point of sales system speeds up the product return process for stores and outlets. In case your customers want to return a product, retail POS software can do it for you with just one click of mouse.

It saves a lot time for retailers.

Benefits of retail POS software

List of Top 9+ Best Retail POS Software in 2020

There are a variety of retail POS software. But of thousands of POS system for retail, which one fit your company’s demands?

Below is the collection of top retail POS software in 2020.

If you want to have a deeper insight into amazing features of each module, please check the next parts.

1. Landofcoder Retail   | 299$-799$/month

Magento 2 POS from Landofcoder is an ideal choice for retail transaction. Two fundamental components including hardware and software can meet every customer’s demands based on different payment, technology, and sales record. 

Magento 2 POS is one of the most reliable retail POS software that adapts to new market trends and changes.


✔️Offline Sync & Checkout: Landofcoder Offline Sync product can work properly even when you are offline. The user-friendly interface can sync all items in inventory.  Offline checkout of retail POS software still functions well without internet connection.

✔️ Custom Receipt: With retail POS software from Landofcode, companies can customize POS sale receipt such as adding logos, making the custom header and creating special sale receipts.

✔️ Barcode Scanner: POS system will work with the code printed in goods and items, then automatically add to the cart and prepare for the payment process.

✔️ Cash Checkout: Besides other digital payment methods, cash payment still takes an important role in retail stores and outlets. 

✔️ Multiple Cash Checkout: With this feature, customers can check various carts at the same time.

✔️ Orders History: This features of retail POS software allows companies to manage all orders from both retail stores and online websites. With orders history, you can do different actions such as paying for any order, commenting a specific order, refunding or cancelling orders needed.

✔️ M2 POS Custom Product: Retail PoS software Custom Product facilitates the process of adding various products into carts.

✔️ Outlet Management: Staff can control sell products in omnichannels and stores without any extra costs.

✔️ M2 POS Barcode Inventory: The feature enables companies to add chosen orders by scanning barcodes and making the purchase.

✔️ M2 POS Multiple Quantity Barcode: With the Add-on, you can add one or several carts which can be easily added to the carts. It saves time for adding items to the carts manually.

✔️ Cashier Management: It can help owners to manage cashier system when you have multiple physical stores and outlets.

✔️ Reward Point Interaction: You can increase the number of repeat orders by offering customers rewards points and discounts.

✔️ Cashier Permission: Admin can customize the number of cashiers for any retails or stores depending on the store size and 

✔️ Store Credit Integration: Landofcoder Retail POS software let you process credits, money payment and returns. You can attract more customers by granting store credits.

✔️Giftcard Interaction: Stay close to your loyalty customers gift cards so they can use them for the next orders both in online and offline.


Landofcoder offers a FREE 30 days trial version for customer to test the extension and its functions. After the period time of trial, the pricing for retail POS software setup is $299 for POS standard and $779 for POS Pro.

Customers cal get free support of 1 year to face any problem with the help of skilled developers.

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2. Lightspeed Retail | $99-$289/month

Lightspeed retail POS software brings customers a large number of highlighted features and fits all business scales. This POS system can integrate with many payment processing services and third-party apps.


✔️ eCommerce Platform: This retail POS software allows customers to manage inventory, shipping, marketing and reports in an integrated platform. The system seamlessly sync your POS and your online storefront so you can save a lot of time for effective management.

✔️ CRM/ Loyalty Program: Keeping close to your existing customers is important. Lightspeed retail POS software offers a rewards program with a web-app to keep track of earned points. 

✔️ Payments: Lightspeed POS retail software helps you to process the sales and payment process just in one place. The POS system allows customers to pay for items in all methods from mobile payments to card types.

✔️ Analytics: This feature allows customers to optimize your stock and identify customers’ buying habits and communicate with the right people.

✔️ Accounting: Lightspeed accounting seamlessly integrate with your point of sales so no data will be lost. This retail POS software can create accurate and complete reports for all locations.

✔️ Hardware: The retail POS software offers customers iPad hardware kit including LAN receipt printer, cash drawer, Bluetooth scanner, iPad stand and receipt paper. The desktop hardware consists of USB receipt printer, cash drawer and USB scanner.

✔️ Integrations: The retail POS software integrate Commentsold’s social selling platform with your POS. It satisfies any customer with only a few clicks.


When using Lightspeed retail POS software, customers can get a 14-day free trial. The price for the retail POS software ranges from $69 per month to $229. 

lightspeed retail POS software

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3. Vend| $99-$129

Vend retail POS software is an ideal choice for those who want to add new storefront with no need of new headaches. Customers can simply keep price books, manage inventory and customer network and customize your own gift cards. 


✔️ POS platform flexibility: Since all data is synced on the cloud, users can use Vend in all types of platforms including iPad, Mac and desktop.

✔️Inventory Management: Customers can freely pricing and promotion programs, control inventory in stock and order stock automatically. With Vend retail POS software, users can streamline the whole inventory management in multiple channels.

✔️Reporting and Insights: The retail POS software offers customers powerful POS reporting. You can freely customize your reports such as collecting sales by product, brand, suppliers and more. Companies can also set up sales goals to keep track of your staff performance.

✔️Payments: Vend accepts all ways of payments such as credit cards and debit cards whether you are in-store. online or on-the-go.

✔️Hardware: The retail POS software offers customers powerful hardware including Mac and PC hardware and iPad hardware. 

✔️eCommerce Integrations: Vend bring customers multichannel experience. You can easily import and sync all your inventory, sales and customer records.

Vend Retail POS Software

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4. Shopify | $89/month per location

Shopify is a cloud-based POS system that is very popular to e-commerce stores and outlets. It is a trustworthy retail POS software that brings you to another sides of brick-and-mortar sales.


✔️Payments: Shopify retail POS software allows customers to use all types of payments. Customers can use more than one payment way in a transaction. Customers can sell gift cards for next orders, choose custom payment type for check and make refunds.

✔️Checkout: With Shopify, users can make notes for orders through all kinds of smartphones or tablets. Custom everything from receipts, discount rules to reports.

✔️Hardware: The retail POS software offers a variety of hardware, all of them are integrated with Wifi camera to ensure safety and security.

✔️Inventory Management: Shopify lets customers observe and find all previous orders, change cash registers and staff shift.

✔️Reporting: Shoptify’s reporting and analytic tools is perfect for small businesses.


For brick-and-mortar sales, you can own Shopify POS Pro for payment of $89/month per location. Shopify also offers a 14-day free trial.

Shopify retail POS software

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5. Square POS | Free monthly fee

Square POS is a lightweight retail POS software that fits the needs of small business retailers and restaurants. It has offered many reliable and modern software with ease of use, simply implementation and reasonable price.


✔️ Payments: Square POS accepts all ways of payments from credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

✔️Inventory Control: Square retail POS software can create stock and keep track of goods flow. The dashboard helps you to do everything related to inventory management.

✔️CRM features: Its integrated Customer Directory allows users to check order history, preferences, send digital receipts and observe new sales trends.

✔️Reporting: Square POS projects potential profit reports and revenues and check the value and cost of goods.

✔️Custom Invoicing: With some fews of mouse clicks, customers can send expert invoices from browser dashboard and smartphones.


Square POS offers a 30-day trial for customers to have enough time for experience.

The basic POS app is completely free and the extra free for POS software is 2.6% + 10¢ for Square Terminal.

Square retail POS software

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6. Shopkeep | Quoted-based

Retail POS software from Shopkeep is one of the most simple POS system on the market. It is perfectly used for small business retailers.


✔️ Reporting and Analytics: Shopkeep allows users to get access to everything from transaction data, inventory values to trend reports. 

✔️ Inventory Management: Shopkeep POS software, you can easily control goods quantities, update inventory, return goods with slow sales speed and manage product names and prices.

✔️ Staff Management: You can track your employees’ time clock and performance from an integrated dashboard with Shopkeep POS system.

✔️ Payments: ShopKeep accepts every payment methods from cash, credit and debit cards, gift cards to contactless payments. 


ShopKeep has an innovative pricing model instead of fixed price every month.

Your companies will receive a particular price in line with the price standards with ShopKeep’s nearest competitors.

 Shopkeep Retail POS software

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7. Clover | Initial cost of $999.99 + $60/mo

Clover POS aims at providing customers a simple to use retail POS software. It’s mainly used for jewelry stores, footwears, and other electronic outlets.


✔️ Payments: Clover retail POS software can process all kinds of checks, credit payments, debit charges, and cash. 

✔️App Market: Clover syncs with various third-party apps such as MailChimp, Yelp, and Xero.

✔️ Staff Management: Every user can set set their own clock  and performance goals. Employees can view and create the sales statistics.

✔️ Orders: Clover allows you to customize your orders, add new goods and make discounts on the menu.


The price for Clover retail POS software varies depending on your banking name you are using. Normally, the initial price for Clover POS is $999.99 plus $60 per month.

Clover retail POS software

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8. Revel| $70 per month

Revel operates with the purpose of creating a modern and advanced mobile POS. 

It offers customers top customization options so you can easily use for payment, mobile ordering and online shopping.


✔️Customization: With Revel retail POS software, customers will find no trouble in customizing POS screen, inventory labels and custom fields.

✔️Staff management: Revel offers outstanding features for all level of employees. Retailers and salespeople can use retail POS software can set up your time clock and monitor employee performance and potential revenue.

✔️Reporting and Analytics: Revel collects data from all channel and make a detailed report. So, you can easily keep track of your business performance.

✔️CRM: Companies can access to order histories to explore your customers’ preference and favorite items. From that, you can change your items to get more repeat orders.


To own feature-packed Revel retail POS software, customers have to pay $99/month billed annually.

Revel offers customers 3-year contract and Revel advantage.

Revel Retail POS Software

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9. Retail Pro| $1,600 upfront cost (software only)

Retail Pro is built for meeting the demands of special business retailers. 

It features robust built-in e-commerce abilities that helps you to effectively manage your online store transactions. Retail Pro is an ideal option for brick and mortar store and outlets.


✔️Integrated Commerce: Retail Pro has ability of integrate customer data and inventory whether you are online, in-store or on-the-go.

✔️ Platform Flexibility: You can use Retail Pro for multiple devices such as desktop, mobile, Window, Apple and Android.

✔️ Promotions: You can set requirements for each promotion program and decide discounts and rewards for these promotions.

✔️ Customer Engagement: You can give purchasing recommendations depending on goods history both online and in-store.


Retail Pro offers customers a 90-day free trial. After the period of trial, you need to pay $1600 upfront cost for solely software.

Retail Pro POS software

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Above is a collection of Top 9+ Best Retail POS Software in 2020. The POS system you choose must be suitable for your business operation and target.

Wanny further information, check out your website to connect with your skilled experts.

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