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Retail POS software is an essential factor for the operation of any business. Hardware is the key segment of retail POS market which is projected to reach $66.30 billion before the end of 2025.

In the development of advanced technology, every retail and business needs to change in line with new trends of the world. And retail POS software is a smart choice to improve your company performance and productivity.

If you still wonder about retail point of sales system, check out this article to explore all things you should know about retail POS software.

What is Retail POS Software?

The point of sales is the time when the transactions are completed. In the past, POS software was known as cash register where customers made a purchase at a physical place.

In the modern society, POS software is more than a cash register. It can also include hardware, software and payment system that completely streamlines all the purchasing process. 

Retail POS software has changed a lot over the last 10- 15 years thanks to the spread of technology. Nowadays, we may be more familiar to cloud-based POS system that works in mobile devices. 

Cloud-based retail POS software is a new trend in point of sales system. Retailers can get access to all customer data in anywhere as long as you connect to Internet. 

Definition of retail POS software

Price of Retail POS Software

Every retail POS software has its own specific features. The suitable POS system you use must be compatible with your business operation, your business scale and target. 

The price for retail point of sales software varies based on the number of factors you may get from point of sales software. The criteria you may concern when choosing a suitable retail POS software will be listed in the next parts of the article.

Normally, if your company has just one place and register, you need to pay from $49 to $ 105 per month. For businesses with larger scale and multiple locations, a POS software for retail may cost from $100 to $350 monthly for each location.

Major Benefits of  Retail POS Software

Retail point of sales system is very helpful to fasten your payment process. It is not only important to small and medium- scale companies but POS take a vital role for huge corporations. 

Nowadays, POS system is easy to use and more efficient than ever before. You can see more than benefits of point of sales systems for other areas, not just at the checkout location.

Check out to explore top benefits of POS software!

1. Make the checkout more efficiently with register tools

This is one of the updated features of point of sales system for retail. Before, POS register often operated on desktop computer. Now, you can use POS on iPad and Android tablets.

The POS software is very useful to fasten transactions, increase accuracy and make sure ease of use.

The stylish and simple interface of POS system can make the checkout process easier for both cashiers and customers. Point of sales software offers highlighted features such as on-screen buttons, searching, barcode scanner. So, you can easily add a product to your cart.

Benefits of retail POS software

2. Facilitate inventory management

POS system helps you to keep track of goods flow and manage your inventory in stock. Inventory management tools allows users to automatically update sold products, inform you to add more items when they are about to be out of stock. 

Besides, with POS software, you can completely control your projected costs and revenue.

Instead of spending multiple times managing your inventory, point of sales system can do it for you with just some minutes.

3. Create reports and analytics 

Retail POS software lets companies control sales, profits and expenses, thus keeping close to your business performance.

POS creates reports in detail that retailers can easily access to all data whether you are at home, on the office or on travel. 

4. Fasten services

Obviously, you don’t want to wait for a long time when using a service. And neither do your customers.

If the checkout process is too long, customers may get frustrated and never come back to you. POS solution offers faster checkout process than cash registers because it features barcode scanner to ring up items and goods.

5. Enhance employee management

POS software minimizes the time of companies for managing employees. Its time clock capacity allows employers to set up the time and work target, along with monitor your employees’ performance.

Point of sales system also offers access control tools so you can verify your employee identity. Void and return functions makes sure that the risk from employee theft will be lessened.

Retail POS software helps employee managment

6. Ensure accuracy

POS software collects all information from customer profile, revenues and order history on hand. The complete operation with the real-time data will improve accuracy, thus removing the need of uploading data into back-office system manually. 

Therefore, companies can minimize human-made errors.

7. Create receipts in detail

Point of sales software offers customers a detailed receipt than a piece of paper with only the date and the numbers of products. The receipts consists of more than information including goods description, cost and rewards. 

Retailers also freely customize your own receipts, add coupon on the receipts, inform your return policy and more.

How to Choose the Suitable Retail POS Software?

Obviously, point of sales software is a key that decides the retail business success. 

But the variety of POS software imposes a challenge for retailers to choose the right POS software.

Here are several tips for you to make a smart decision when selecting the suitable POS software:

1. Identify your business needs and targets

Most of POS software allows users to control and monitor inventory and sales activities of your companies. And every company has your own requirements for POS system.

So, knowing your business demands becomes more important than ever before. You should thoroughly understand the needs of your business in terms of inventory management, employee management and accounting software integration.

Retail POS software

2. Ensure the features and capacities

Definitely, the quality of POS software is an indispensable factor when choosing a retail POS software. A POS software with high quality can be compatible with small, medium and large corporations.

Some point of sales software offers less expensive price, but it can not completely meets the needs of your business. 

Here are some highlighted features you must concern when selecting a POS software:

  • Ease of use
  • Price
  • Payment processing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Customer support services
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Retail POS mobility
  • Data security
  • Integrations

3. Research price

The cost for POS software is based on your business scale and capacities of POS software you are looking for. Make sure that your POS software provider you choose is reliable and offers clear price and preference policy for your companies.

Keep away with POS providers that force you to use their credit card processor. A trustworthy supplier will give you options: use your own credit card processing service or use their processor. 

Some reliable POS providers that we highly recommend:

Retail POS software

4. Consider flexibility capacities

An advanced POS software should be modern and flexible in order to support top software applications. You need to carefully consider the up-to-date integrations, payment methods as well as the CRM tools for data management, reward promotions, and security.

Explore your business needs and choose the right POS software.

5. Try before purchase

Before deciding to buy a retail POS software, ensure that it offers ease of use, features needed and meets the demands of your retail business.

Understanding that needs, many POS providers offers policy of free trial with the aim of bringing customers the whole experience.

For example, Landofcoder POS software offers a FREE 30-day trial version for customers to test the extension and its functions with your website.


Retail POS software can minimize the expense of business operations, improve business productivity and enhance your bottom line. 

Above are all can’t-miss things you should know about retail POS software.

Are you ready for choosing the right point of sales software for your retail business?

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