Magento 2 POS gift cards

This writing will give you an overview of Magento 2 POS gift cards by discussing 3 main questions: How does Magento 2 POS gift cards work in your online-to-offline store?, Why is Magento 2 POS gift card interaction important for POS business?, and What are its outstanding features that benefit your POS store?

Magento 2 POS gift card

To help your store stay stably and then develop successfully in the competitive market as today, investing in customer services and constantly boosting customer experience are key solutions. That’s why POS business should spend much efforts, time and budget on loyalty programs to enhance shopping experience of customers as well as engage them with your store in longer time.

Magento 2 POS gift cards is one of three built-in features that POS system offers you to conduct an effective and successful loyalty campaign along with reward point interaction and store credit integration. Now let’s discuss Magento 2 POS gift card solution in more detail.

1. How does Magento 2 POS gift cards work in your online-to-offline store?

You may wonder whether I can run gift card programs for my online stores and other physical retail shops simultaneously? The answer is yes. Yes, with the help of Magento 2 POS gift cards, you can provide your customers with both physical gift cards and e-gift cards to redeem at online site or any offline retail outlets.

First, store owner creates gift cards from the backend and then display them in the store as other products. Customers will purchase these cards, attach their personal messages or upload images as they want, and then send them to recipients via emails. After that, the recipients can redeem these cards to buy products at online stores or retail outlets. They can choose either to spend full amount or partial amount of the gift cards. The remaining value will be spent for other purchases.

2. Why is Magento 2 POS gift card interaction important for POS business?

It’s because Magento 2 POS gift card interaction brings your business many valuable benefits.

Magento 2 POS gift card

The most outstanding advantage you can easily see is boosting sales during holiday seasons. According to survey of CardCash 73% of consumers said that they will purchase gift cards this holiday season. It is not surprising because giving gift cards to their friends, colleagues, and family is a smart and meaningful choice. They don’t have to spend much time on researching and choosing gifts and then wonder whether the recipients love their gifts. Let the beloved ones buy whatever they want at anytime. Because of this, as a store owner, you can take advantage of gift cards and maximize your benefits during special holidays.

Gift card for Magento 2 POS is also a powerful tool to enhance customer experience because 60% of consumers participating survey said that they prefer gift cards rather than specific items (Creditcards). You can use gift cards as rewards for your customers when they perform some specific actions on your site as well as your retail outlets such as buying particular amount of products, writing reviews, participating in your events, etc. In addition, because they love gift cards, you could encourage them to buy more, interact more, and engage more with your business to obtain gift cards. As a result, it enables you to increase traffic for your online store, boost conversion rate for your online-to-offline business, and enhance customer loyalty for your brand.

Moreover, Magento 2 POS gift cards is also an effective marketing solution. It’s a strategy that does not cost you much time, money and efforts. Gift cards program can be continued to delivery, implement, and redeem long time after holidays seasons, and you still boost sales thanks to Magento 2 POS gift cards interaction.

3. Outstanding features of Magento 2 POS gift cards

 3.1. Configure settings for gift cards

gift card for magento 2 POS

As store owner, you can easily conduct configuration for your Magento 2 POS gift cards without having any technical skills. All the settings of gift card system will become active after you enable and adjust them.

Configure gift card types and price

You can choose to create gift cards in accordance with 3 types:

  • Fixed gift card/ Voucher value
  • Gift cards with pre-set range of values allowing customers set min/max value
  • Drop-down predefined value gift cards

You can let your customers decide price for each type of gift cards

  • Price similar to gift card value
  • Fixed price
  • Price based on percentage of gift card value

Configure gift card product to sell online

Magento 2 POS gift card allows store owners to customize gift card to sell online on the product page. Before uploading to the product page as normal products, you can customize your gift card according to the below criteria:

  • Gift card type: Physical, Virtual, or Combined
  • Gift card templates
  • Product name, SKU, etc

Configure rules to use gift cards

This Magento 2 POS gift card interaction helps you to set rules on the usage of gift card of customers. You can specify some conditions in which your customers can apply gift cards: kind of products, quantity of items for each shopping cart, number of users per each gift card, etc.

3.2. Use gift cards

Buy gift cards

This module offers your customers to buy e-gift cards as well as physical gift cards in both online store and in-store retail outlets. They can flexibly choose gift cards at different values (dropdown/ fixed amount or value range) or  purchase gift cards at lower price than their value.

Customize gift cards

Magento 2 POS gift card interaction

The buyers can easily personalize their gift cards by uploading special card images or attaching gift messages.

Use gift cards in payment process

The customers would redeem gift cards as discounts to pay for their products in both online shops and other physical stores. They can buy gift cards online and redeem at offline stores and vice versa.

Send gift cards to friends

gift card

Magento 2 POS gift cards enables customers to send physical gift cards or virtual ones to their friends or family. When buying online, you can send your gift card directly to your beloved one via email just by entering recipient name, email address and attach your message also.

3.3. Manage gift cards

online gift card

All information of Magento 2 POS gift card is updating constantly in the account of each customer (balance, status, expiration date, etc), and your customers can check it easily just by entering gift card codes.

This writing has given you a brief overview of Magento 2 POS gift cards interaction in your online-to-offline POS system. It is included in 3 powerful POS features that help you achieve successful loyalty program for your business (the other two are reward point interaction and store credit integration). You can check both of them and launch your own loyalty program right now!

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