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Omnichannel POS in Magento 2 plays an important role in business future. As a vendor, you want to get into the mind of your customers, you’d better put yourself in their shoes. For example, how do you shop? What makes you have a purchase decision? Before doing shopping, do you look up a product online first and buy it in a store later or vice versa?

By having some critical thinking, you’ve probably already realized that you don’t shop across just one medium. Your purchase process will go across multiple channels before you reach for your wallet. Therefore, so do your customers expect to have such experience as the same that you do. This is why you need to familiarize your store with multilple channels which called Magento 2 Omnichannel POS system.

Bridging the Technology Gap with Magento 2 Omnichannel POS

Nowadays, although the world in which we are living is a phrase of 4.0 technology, too few business owners realize that omnichannel POS system in Magento 2 provides customers an experience of seamless shopping that can effectively bridge that gap. If you master in providing greater convenience to your customers, your business career will become even more successfully.

The type of business model mostly used is from POS called “single-channel”. This is based on one channel of sales, generally a physical store, with one distribution to that same location. Many online businesses use this method as well to replace their offline store but provide only one interaction with the product they offer. Although this single-channel POS gives some particular benefits such as minimize expense, it begins appearing some cracks once confronted with competitors who set up savvier, more effective omnichannel customer solutions.

Having been in the world of high-tech and hyper-competitive nature of business today, store owner is required to present his/her products across multiple channels. Additionally, the more mutiple channels you provide to your customers, the more interaction engages between they and your business.

omnichannel pos magento 2

These multiple channels can be social media, mobile applications, websites or shopping online apps, print, email campaigns and so on. Although the omnichannel POS system Magento 2 can’t access every each of these channels, it can hit many of them which help you investigate on your potential customers’ purchase cycle.

If you still don’t have intend to reach ominchannel POS solution, through your business, you will give your competitor a wide open opportunity to catch members of your audience.

The benefits of Magento 2 Omnichannel POS

omnichannel pos benefits
  1. Gain new sum of revenue:
    Omnichannel POS in Magento 2 will drive you to a brand new road of sales opportunity where you haven’t accessed before. Customers will have more digital omnichannel experience to place orders, for example on online website or on a mobile device. It means that wherever customers are, they can easily make a purchase with multiple ways.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction:
    While customers can hit more channels to order products, they will have more freedom to buy whichever they want at any time. The most common purchasing method they use is that they use a tablets or mobiles in the store to quickly find the products they are interested in or considerately compare each different item before reaching their wallet.
  3. Engage customer loyalty:
    To decide how successful a business’s career is, customer loyalty is one of the most important factors to make every business’s dreams come true. It is never a hard problem when you can access omnichannel POS systems in Magento 2 which allow for integration of customer program.
    Multiple channels will provide them shop with your regardless of whether they are in-store or online; furthermore, they will come to your store first when having a product they need when your customer experience is convenient and seamless.
  4. Boost profits and increase sales:
    When customer have such amazing shopping experience, they spend more and they are more like to repurchase in your business. According to a study by a Harvard Business Review, it showed that 73% of buyers used multiple channels during their shopping experience. They prefered both in-store and online shopping and become loyal customers to these businesses.
  5. Control business operations:
    Once you have all your sales channels integrated, efficiency will be presented through the process. It happens in greater inventory accuracy and the ability to manage ordering and resources in real time.
  6. Engage more traffic:
    Of course. Magento 2 Omnichannel POS will be integrated for both online and in-store sales. These ways help to drive more customers into online and physical shopping experience.
  7. Develop stronger brand:
    Motivate customers build a lifelong relationship with your business through multiple channels. If store owner enables to present their brand positively and variably, it will become stronger in the future.
  8. Allow customers to shop the way they like:
    Today, few customers use just a single channel, and neither should your business. It is much better to combine multi-channel like social media, mobile and physical store channels to present the best solution for each customer no matter what channel they prefer. They can checking the products online and then go in-store to have a real experience before making a purchase. Through a survey, 80% of shoppers use digital omnichannel experience during their shopping experience

It’s time for you to get started!

When talking about Magento 2 omnichannel POS marketing, consistency is the most crucial one. Understand where you are, where you want to go and understand the future of your products and career will help you find out the most suitable method which provide a seamless customer shopping experience and boost your sales up and forward.

Contact to Landofcoder today and we will serve you the best products and services to create a custom omnichannel POS system in Magento 2 for your business.

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