Recently, “Magento 2 Omnichannel” has been a hot term for businesses, particularly online businesses. Nevertheless, it is an efficient tool for both online and physical stores. So, what is it? How is it created? And What are its benefits? The following will help you answer all these questions.

As we know, thanks to the development of information technology, people nowadays have had a variety of ways to shop. Instead of going to the market or physical stores to get what they want, customers can have everything they want without going out. What they need to do is just to access websites or online stores and choose the merchandise. After finishing the checkout process, their products will be delivered to their home.

When there are a large number of eCommerce stores for customers, their requirements become higher, which causes the eStores to enhance the quality of the shop in order to flourish in this competitive market. They have to ensure that their service will live up to their customers’ expectation as well as catch up with the instant growth of the online market. Hence, Magento 2 Omnichannel is certainly a mighty resolution for your Mangento stores.

What is Magento 2 Omnichannel?

magento 2 omnichannel definition

Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy that businesses use to enhance their customer experiences and thus drive better relationships with them across points of contact. The word “Omni” comes from the word “Omnis” which means all or universal and the word “cross-channel” originates from the Latin word “Crux” which means going across. Therefore, in other words, Omnichannel can be interpreted as a model that integrates all the existing channels both online and offline to provide client best service. 

In fact, online stores now have numerous channels to be compatible with various digital devices existing nowadays. Nevertheless, as we know, a retail management system as usual is pretty complex. It includes a Point of Sale (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order Management, Purchasing and Receiving, Inventory Management, Reporting, and Dashboard applications. Hence, it leads to a challenge that gives every eCommerce store a headache: how can they manage the data in all the channels efficiently at the same time? To make the transaction happen smoothly and update the latest information of the products from each channel, shop and warehouse quickly.

As mentioned before, Magento 2 Omnichannel will tackle your problem. By centralizing the data and using Magento ecommerce platform as a reliable source, the distance among channels – onsite, social, mobile, email, physical, and instant messaging, both physical and online, will be removed. It merges  websites, emails, retargeted ads, social media marketing, and physical locations into one business model so that customers are able to shop online anytime, by any devices and from any channels.

How is Magento 2 Omnichannel created?

Many years ago, when a person wanted to buy something, he/ she had to go to a brick-and-mortar store to get what they wanted. This, obviously, is inconvenient particularly when the store was far from his/ her home or the product he/ she wanted was out of stock.

shopping on stores

Then, the development of digital technology, especially the Internet leads to the appearance of Magento stores which helps customers have another choice to buy goods: purchasing online! They can sit on their sofa, select items from the web and then wait for their chosen items which are delivered to their house. At first, online stores and physical stores are entirely separated, merchants only concentrate one of them: online or offline.

Nowadays, instead of preferring just one in two ways of shopping, customers often choose to buy in both two ways. Based on the products, their need and time, they can decide to purchase goods in different ways. They also access to the shops by multiple ways, through multiple devices as well as begin considering various factors before purchasing such as the price, product quality, customer service, reviews and sometimes the guarantee policy. These force the merchant to modify their strategies to meet the customers’ requirements: they need to sell both online and offline and another thing is the necessity of numerous channels to motivate people to make transactions.

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Thus, it is the reason for the growth from single channel sale to multiple channels. With multiple channels, customers are allowed to make an order from multiple devices and sources but there still exists an issue: The channels in multiple channel approach are independent, they are separated with each other. It, hence, is hard for stores to manage the data related to the products and customers are unable to update the items quantity in real time as well as feel annoyed whenever changing from a channel to another. Consequently, magento 2 omnichannel is generated to solve this problem or in other words, it is the expansion of multiple channels.

magento 2 omnichannel

With magento 2 omnichannel, the issue of multichannel – the barrier between online store and physical store as well as the one among channels – will be blurred since this system offers the ability to collect and synchronize all the information. So, admin will no longer find it difficult in managing data of the store and customers also experience seamless transactions whatever devices they use with the help of magento 2 omnichannel. For example, they can select a product on the mobile phone and then finish the checkout process on the desktop, and even know the quantity of this product and specific stores that have it as well.

What are benefits of Magento 2 Omnichannel for online stores?

benefits of magneto 2 omnichannel

Manage the store with ease

Via Magento 2 Omnichannel system, admins are able to track and control data easily. Just by several clicks, they will be aware of the quantity of products, overview of staff performance, the best seller item and so on. Moreover, all the information in your stores will be collected and stored in one system which can be connected from anywhere. Thus, the staff can acknowledge the activities of the shop in real time and know how to react well. In addition, this system also decreases human error such as illegible handwriting and misspelling.

Provide customer seamless shopping experiences

Indeed, customers are offered a variety of advantages that can satisfy them and even increase their loyalty quickly. Through Magento 2 Omnichannel, they no longer face the case that they want to buy an item when surfing by phone but it is impossible since they have to use a desktop to do that, customers can do everything in just one device. They even choose products on desktop, receiving the customer services on phone and then finish the checkout process on tablet without any interruptions. Furthermore, when choosing a merchandise, buyers are also able to know the exact quantity of it and its location. This feature helps the store reduce the likelihood that the product is out of stock but customers still order, which confuses them a lot and gives them two choice for shopping: order on the eStore or go to the brick-and-mortar store, try on it and choose their favourite color, size by using naked eyes. 

Enhance customer services

Since all the data both online and offline is connected, admin can easily get the information about specific customers when they go to the store to buy or place an order on pages. For example, when a client has never come to your physical store before but he/ she already ordered some items from your online shop. You can access the system and get the information related to them so that you will have the base to help them choose the suitable products. As a result, this customer will be impressed by your store’ s profession and more likely to become a loyal customer of your store.


Omnichannel is an ideal choice for retail business nowadays. With it, the image of the shop’s activities will be more transparent which improves the efficiency of store management. Also, providing customers with all the necessary information related to their wanted product in real time and seamless shopping experience is the best way to enhance the store’s profession and maintain the customer loyalty.

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