Getting started

Magento 2 POS, which stands for Point Of Sale, is an extension for Magento 2 that is developed to connect and synchronize transaction information between online store and the physical store. With this extension, Magento merchants can avoid many misunderstanding and situations such as a customer’s paying for good that has been out of stock in the offline store.

Progressive Web App POS, stands for Progressive Web App Point of Sale. This technology is one of the most innovative ones that is integrated into the extension to allow users to experience the same feelings on the website as they have in the apps. By combining the best of applications and the best out of web, PWA will make your website and the checkout as light and smooth as the feeling of a native application. With the PWA upgrade, Magento 2 POS will feel just like a native app. Basically, everything is simple since everything you ever need is a URL and a reliable browser. You can rest assured with our Magento 2 POS and enjoy all the convenience it brings to you such as user-friendly UI/UX, quick checkout process and versatile functions.

Since PWA POS is a recently-developed technology that has been built completely from scratch, it should be treated as a brand new product instead of the new version of WebPOS. PWA POS has different technology and different architecture comparing to WebPOS; therefore, things can get a little more complicated for you if you want to upgrade your system to PWA POS. The best course of action for you is to contact our developers and discuss in further detail about everything that you are still confused about and the path for the future of your system.

POS Features

After your purchase at our store, you are given a License with a license number. With this series of number, you are able to have: One Magento extension installation: 1 license is enough even though you are having multiple stores and websites running on the same back-end on Magento. One dev Magento installation.

Magento 2 POS is compatible with the default inventory of Magento in the Catalog. For further information and discussion, you can consult our developers.

Currently, our Magento 2 POS does come with a FREE 30 days trial version. You can test the extension and its functions with your site. The paid version of the extension is completely open-source and is responsive to customization. For further information, you can contact our developers.

The answer is yes, our MAgento 2 POS can work online as well as offline, so you don’t have to worry about the connection issue. This basically means that you can still checkout normally despite the status of the network connection. This feature comes in special convenience on, for example, occasion where the internet connection is usually not reliable such as in the fair, in some kind of events or show. Your data is saved during the whole process of offline working, and once you’re online again, all the orders information and transaction information will be automatically synchronized to the system.

Update & Customization

The answer here is yes. It’s absolutely possible to adjust and to add/ make change the functions as your desire. For further details regarding this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact our developers.

Our Magento 2 Web POS is compatible with: Community Edition 2.3.x Enterprise Edition ( In Comming)

The answer here is yes, of course. The orders from both Magento 2 POS and your website are all placed and maintained in Sales => Orders at the back end. All the items that has been ordered are subtracted from Catalog Inventory. Whenever there’s an order offline, the data about it will be saved in the IndexedDB of the browsers, which will then be synchronized with your current online system.

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