Why B2B Omnichannel Commerce is Right for You

Operating a successful and profitable B2B business can be a challenge given its amorphous target audience. Overcome this challenge as you start the business by defining your target audience and refining this to what will be your niche. Once past this stage, you can then embark on developing your marketing strategy to harness this audience […]

reward point for Magento 2 POS

This writing will be a closer look on reward point interaction for Magento 2 POS. It seems that we are in the era of online business since the recent years has been a boom in e-Commerce. The rapid development of e-Commerce has exerted its influence and led to many changes in retail industry. In the […]

Best retail POS software

The U.S. retail industry is projected to increasingly rise to more than $3.8 trillion in 2019, according to the statistics from the National Retail Federation. For more efficient operation, your businesses should apply appropriate retail POS software. Retail POS system will help to improve business productivity by performing multi- functional tasks. The best retail point […]

Retail POS Software

Retail POS software is an essential factor for the operation of any business. Hardware is the key segment of retail POS market which is projected to reach $66.30 billion before the end of 2025. In the development of advanced technology, every retail and business needs to change in line with new trends of the world. […]

Although well-known ever since becoming a buzzword of the business world, omnichannel retailing has never lost its popularity as one of the most effective business models.  As technology grows with more advanced support to omnichannel retailing touchpoints such as websites and social media, the competition among retailers are getting fiercer than ever. Because the more […]

benefits of omnichannel pos

Omnichannel POS in Magento 2 plays an important role in business future. As a vendor, you want to get into the mind of your customers, you’d better put yourself in their shoes. For example, how do you shop? What makes you have a purchase decision? Before doing shopping, do you look up a product online […]

COVID-19 Plan and Strategy

With the widespread outbreak of the Corona virus, many companies and enterprises are struggling to address its huge impacts that COVID -19 brings. Especially, social distancing causes many difficulties and challenges in staying active and getting in touch with customers. A recent Gallup report shows that 100 leaders of the CHRO Roundtable held a meeting […]

Introduction Recently, “Magento 2 Omnichannel” has been a hot term for businesses, particularly online businesses. Nevertheless, it is an efficient tool for both online and physical stores. So, what is it? How is it created? And What are its benefits? The following will help you answer all these questions. As we know, thanks to the […]

In this world of increasingly competitive marketplace, it shouldn’t be strange to come across the term omnichannel, multichannel, omnichannel marketing strategy and multichannel marketing strategy. In fact, they might be few out of the most widely-used terms nowadays that almost anyone can refer to. Customers’ change of shopping habits has lead to a change in […]

Magento 2 Point Of Sales Solution